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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I make a PDF file?

  2. How do I make a postscript compatible file without a postscript compatible printer?

  3. How long are files stored on the server?

  4. Who has access to the converted files?

  5. Where are the converted files stored?

  6. How can I specify the paper size?

  7. I hit convert and nothing happens?

  8. Is there a size limit to the converted files?

  9. How do I get color output?

  10. I get error #x when converting the document and the resulting PDF file didn't open.

  11. When I view the PDF file it doesn't look like my original document.

  12. How can I get more information on PDF file formats?

  13. How can I create a html file from PDF file?

  14. How can I purchase the software?

  15. How can I convert files on my own computer without uploading them to your site?

  16. I'm having problems installing Ghostscript. is not affiliated with AFPL Ghostscript…Just a happy user!

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